Tied to the Sea began with a drop of curiosity;

like most projects, questioning one’s surroundings, opening a labyrinth to truths and connected stories. We knew the growing plastic problem in our oceans was seeping onto our plates through the food chain, but the idea that the problem stopped there lingered as questionable. After months of research, we found the issue grows much deeper than plastic ingestion, and were able to link marine pollution to the rapid decrease in primary productivity (for instance, phytoplankton which provide 80% of our oxygen) and thus, the critical imbalance in our atmosphere.

Tied to the Sea sent out a call for members to help breathe life into the findings. Comprised of five women living in different corners of the world with similar, impactful missions and our musical genius, Dane, Tied to the Sea took form. We are now in the process of compiling stories and footage from around the world to give this creation the content quality and visual aesthetics it and our audience deserves.

This film has now taken a form of its own, which has been carved in relation to its importance. That drop has become a sea of possibilities for something better, something different; because at this point, that’s the only option.

This is not just a film, but a call-to-action, a social initiative that brings together all who feel connected to share, encourage, create and intervene. Because this is our generation’s story, all of us, and we’re the only ones who are going to determine how it should be written.

We are all

tied to the sea.

 it’s time we start acting on it.

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